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Henry & Karen Mengers
Hanover, Ont.
Phone: (519) 364-4921


Welcome to Andre's Alpacas. My name is Henry Mengers and I first became involved in alpacas in 2000. I have a 25 acre farm near Hanover, Ontario where the land was rented to a neighbouring farmer.With retirement eminent, I wanted to make some changes in preparation for that time. Since land and space are not an issue, some type of farming seemed logical.

After extensive research, I chose alpacas because of their gentle nature and the intrinsic beauty of these animals. Probably the most important factor, is the luxurious fibre that these delightful creatures produce annually. It is truly enjoyable to wear an alpaca garment as you immediately feel the softness and warmth.

Have a look at the beginning of our adventure and how we have progressed.



Currently member of:
Alpaca Ontario
Alpaca Canada
Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association (CLAA)





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